What is the difference between positional power and personal power?

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  1. For this Forum, you need to read Part I “Getting Started” in your textbook.

  2. Answer the below questions based on the given scenario: You are a new supervisor (you have been there 2 weeks) at a large organization that develops technology for the military. You are retired military and just finished your Bachelor’s Degree in Management from APUS. You are doing well so far, with one exception. There are three employees who work for you, that are not responsive to your tasking. You have to constantly remind them of due dates and their work is marginal. You decided to counsel each of them, in private. After the counseling sessions, you found that all three employees say that you use Positional Power too much and are not receptive to their ideas.

A. How will you handle this situation?

B. What is the difference between positional power and personal power? (in your own words)

C. Give an example, from your personal life, of situations where you have used (or had used on you) both positional and personal power. Submit your answer in this Forum by clicking “Post New Thread” above. (Do not enter your answer in the Assignments section of your e-classroom.)3. Then respond to at least two (2) of your peer’s answers by clicking the “Reply” link. How could they have handled the situation better? Do not simply say what you did and recommend they do the same. Be tactful (they are your peers). [100-200 words per peer response]

For my views on Critical Thoughts and Analysis, please review: CTA

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