Discuss-government involvement in Healthcare


There are three parts to your class project: the first three are essays. The final part is a PowerPoint presentation that will display the combined work on the essays.


1. You are a White House Staff Member working for a newly inaugurated President. The Presidentis preparingthe first “State of the Union” address to Congress which will outline the president’s vision for addressing current issues facing the United States.

2. You will research issues to create the President’s address. The president is not a dictator. The proposals must consider the Constitution, relevant court rulings, and public opinion.

3. After you have completed your research of the issues, you will then create a PowerPoint presentationreflecting your proposed State of the Union address. Think of it as your TV infomercial promoting your plan, and use it to grab the public’s attention.

Issue essays:

You will write threeessays together with cited research sources. They will be a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 500 words per essay, and you may lose points for going too long. The rubric states an exemplary essay will be concise. The topics for the issues will be:

a. Healthcare

b. The Economy

c. NationalSecurity

For each essay, choose a problem within the topic.What are twocompeting solutions to this problem? Explain which one is better and why.How will the different levels of government be involved (federal, state and local)? This will require research into news recent news articles.

PowerPoint presentation

After you have completed your research of the issues for the essays, you will design and build a presentation that represents each of the above issues and proposed solutions. This is an opportunity for you to use your creative side. You will use a minimum of three slidesfor each issue, a title slide, and a slide listing references for a minimum slide total of eleven slides.