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These are response to our presentation .please make response to these comments atleast 200 words each.Referece required if aplicable.


Great topic! Our organization requires all employees to participate in the flu vaccine and accepts very few exemptions. Getting a flu vaccine is a requirement for employees and students. Your power point was very informative and the study is well planned. How will data from the survey and number of flu cases be reviewed? Is there a report that could be pulled from the EMR or computer software to assist with this process?


Good job on your power point. The color and layout of the slides are effective. You have brought forth a interesting topic and i wonder if you found it to be a lively one as well.

What I did not see was your PICOT question broken out. Forgive me if i have overlooked it. I did see where you mention PICOT question on slide 3.

In addition, interesting how an organization can influence whether or not people participate. It all comes down to leadership.

A very enjoyable PP.


Excellent topic and presentation. The design of the powerpoint presentations should be focussed on the content quality and delivery and not on the beauty of the slides. Therefore, it is important to fill the slides with important content and not with unnecessary images or other elements. This takes the focus away from the main objective of the slides and becomes distracting. You have achieved this elegantly. As mentioned before, a lot of resources are needed to educate any topic.


Great job with your presentation! The presentation was informative and very interesting! The colors you used and the design immediately grabbed my interest and made me want to read the information. I enjoyed reading this project. I agree that the more educated people are, the more likely they are to get vaccinated. The only challenge I see with a project like this is having enough staff to participate in the training.

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