Discussion board on newtons laws

You will be responding to another students discussion board. Must be 100-150 words, APA format, needs credible sources. should be 80% your thought.

After I read the chapter regarding Newtons Law is for starters the Newtons First Law of Motion and it states that “An object will remain at rest or in uniform motion with constant velocity unless acted on by a net external force.” What I believe what this means is that an external force comes from something outside the object. A perfect example of this law is my fence. My fence was an object that remained in motion until hurricane Irma came and blew it away with her winds. Her wind speeds were the net force that pushed my fence down. As simple as the 1st law sounds it gets a little more when you add the second portion of the law which states “anything that is already moving with a certain velocity will not speed up, slow down, or change direction unless a net force acts on it.” My understanding is that this pretty much means the zero motion or uniform motion are the same. Another important point implied by the first law is that force is required to change the direction of motion of an object. Velocity includes direction. Constant velocity implies constant direction as well as constant speed. In order to make a moving object change its direction of motion, a net external force must act on it. This can be done by pushing something to the side whether it’s a ball coming your way and you kick it away. It is amazing how we can apply all of these laws, the have been discovered many years ago, by Sir Issac Newton, in today’s world. It makes me wonder does this law only apply to objects or does it also apply to living organism as well. What causes our bodies to go into motion? Would that be an external force or an internal force and do the same rules apply?

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