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Human diets vary considerably based on culture and location. Carefully examine some such diets from the book “Hungry Planet: What the World Eats” displayed at the following website: http://time.com/8515/hungry-planet-what-the-world-eats/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Based on the twenty-seven diets displayed from around the world, answer the following questions (Note: you will need to scroll through the pictures using the arrows):

1. Which family has the MOST healthy diet? Explain your choice.

2. Which family has the LEAST healthy diet? Explain your choice.

3. What is something that you observed, learned, or found interesting as you evaluated these diets?

NOTE: As you shape your response to the above questions, please consider the following questions(you do not need to answer these questions directly – they are meant to help you answer questions #1 and 2 above):

– How much of the diet consists of sugars? Are these sugars in the form of sweets?

– How much of the diet consists of fats? Are these fats mainly saturated or unsaturated? Are there trans fats?

– How much of the diet consists of protein? Is protein coming from animal products or plant products?

– Does the diet include meat? Is the meat mainly from land or sea? White or red meat?

– How many fresh fruits/veggies are included in the diet? Is there variety in fruits/veggies?

– How much of the diet consists of processed foods?

– Are the foods mainly pre-prepared or do these families need to cook the food themselves?

– Does the diet include drinking mainly water, soda or some other beverage?

– How much food per person?

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