This are the questions that need to be answered. No need for a paragraph just a short answer. Theres no need for reference page or format

Who was Florence Nightingale?

What is the Nursing Practice Act?

Mention the four critical reasons for the need for regulation in the nursing field.

What is the abbreviation for in ICN and NCSBN?

What does the Nclex exam do for nurses?

What is Policy?

What are the four spheres of the Political Influence?

What is the roll of the Health and Human Department?

What is the main purpose of ICN and NCSBN?

What is Multi-state licensure?

What is Politics?

What are the goals for the Designation Magnet Recognition Program for Nursing?

Why should nurses become active in the development of the policy and politics?

Mentions two of the Lillian Wald’s accomplishment.

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