discussion rubric by selecting the gear icon above the discussion activity and choosing “show rubric” from the drop-down men

LGMT636 all weeks discussions, research paper and final exam

Embry LGMT636 Week 1 Discussion

Reply substantively to only one of the topics below. Begin your reply by copying and pasting the topic in the first line of your reply. Refer to the Modules –> Course Specific Information –> .instructure.com/courses/38011/pages/discussions-and-assignment-resources”>Discussions and Assignment Resources section for substantive participation requirements.

  1. Assume you work for a manufacturing firm in the US that needs to routinely ship high value, time sensitive goods weighing up to 150 pounds to both domestic and international markets. Your boss has asked you to evaluate the following three websites.
    .fedex.com/us/”>FedEx Services (Links to an external site.)
    .ups-scs.com/”>UPS Supply Chain Solutions (Links to an external site.)
    .dhl-usa.com/”>DHL Logistics (Links to an external site.)
    Based on what you find on their websites, which firm would you choose and why?

  2. Rising fuel prices have had an enormous impact on domestic and global transportation as well as the US and global economy. Using the Internet, please find and describe at least one example that illustrates what firms are doing to control transportation costs given the increasing demand for fuel and limited supply. Be sure to include links to your sources.

  3. Based on information located on the US Department of Transportation website at .transportation.gov/dot-strategic-plan”>http://www.dot.gov/dot-strategic-plan (Links to an external site.) select and discuss one of the Strategic Goals for the Department of Transportation described in their current Strategic Plan to date. Describe at least one strategy and performance measure being used by the DOT to assess its performance against that goal.
  4. Using the Internet or any other resource, identify and describe at least two actions that are being taken by the Transportation Security Administration to improve the security of passengers traveling by air or the security of air cargo shipments. Be sure to include links to your sources.
  5. What is the mission of the FAA? Describe at least one of their key initiatives and how it relates to the FAA’s mission. Be sure to cite or include links to your sources.
    Reply substantively to at least two of your classmates on two different topics than your original reply.

Discussions are an integral part of your learning in this course. You are encouraged and expected to participate in online discussions. Regular and meaningful discussion postings are part of your final grade. The discussion rubric will assist you in creating effective posts. Your Instructor will use this rubric to evaluate your work. Access the discussion rubric by selecting the gear icon above the discussion activity and choosing “show rubric” from the drop-down men

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