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Answer 1 or more questions as time permits. Please remember to cite your sources.

Three perspectives this week…Who Pays, who Provides and who Measures US Healthcare?

The costs of healthcare are higher in the United States compared to any other developed country in the world, but this does not equate to best health status for our populations (OECD, 2018).

1. Who pays for US Healthcare?
2. Who provides US Healthcare Services?
3. Who measures healthcare service results (quality of life years (QALY) disability of life years (DALY)?
4. Find a your local branch of your State Department of Health. What healthcare services do they provide to the community?


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NACCHO. (2018) Directory of Public Health Services. https://www.naccho.org/membership/lhd-directory

OECD. (2018). Health at a Glance (2017). http://www.oecd.org/health/health-systems/health-at-a-glance-19991312.htm

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