Dishman (2013) discusses the concept of ‘disruptive technology’ and the impact of 3 tenets of patient-centered care on health care organizations.

Answer this question with references, if possible use the this for references Chapter 12 “Public health crises and health care reform”

Du Pre, A. (2017). Communicating about health current issues and perspectives, (5th Ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Publishing

  • How does this view deter from the traditional concept of how health care is organized?
  • What potential implications could a ‘brickless’ system have on the current paradigm of health care delivery, culture and communication?
  • What implications does this model have on the use of mass media and health encounters?
  • If you could alter one facet of the current health care delivery system in the United States, what would it be, how would you go about it and why?

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