Do you think passenger rail will ever come back to its hay day?

Passenger and Freight Planning Models
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The transport planning varies from one region to another within a state.  It also determined by which transportation system is using (De Jong et al. 2014). For example is freight and passenger transportation. Freight transportation involves the movement of goods or cargo from one state to another in given state. On the other hand, passenger involves, move people from one place to another in a given network.
The two systems shares ground routes like rail, roads, and ports and also some methods used in freight can be applicable in passenger transportation. Also, the main agenda of passenger and freight transportation plan is to reduce the emission of gases and traffic congestions on roads. Though they share these parameters, there are some differences in designing and planning of the two transportation systems (De Jong et al. 2014). For instance, freight transportation planning focuses mainly on elements like on crash rates, travel speed, and operating costs. On the other hand, passenger transportation planning focuses on the issue of security, comfort and traveling convenience of passengers.
The freight transport aims to gain profits. Thus it’s owned by private sector. Since passenger deals with human life, it seeks to protect life and also give comfort the passenger. Passengers’ transportation design mostly involves buses, planes, and small car while freight transportation mostly depends on trains, ships, and containers since it deals with goods (De Jong et al. 2014).

De Jong, G., Gunn, H., & Walker, W. (2014). National and international freight transport models: an overview and ideas for future development. Transport Reviews, 24(1), 103-124.

Respond 100 words to instructor comment:

Do you think passenger rail will ever come back to its hay day? Why or why not?

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