Dr. Barnett – Debate Assignment

Dr. Barnett                                                      Debate Assignment


We are now entering the persuasive part of our semester.  Make sure to supplement your work with reading chapter 14.  We have chosen current issues that should have plenty of sources to support both sides of the debates.  Remember, you do not have to agree with the position you take in the debate.  However, you should be able to provide relevant information that provides evidence for the position you take in the debate.


Day 1: Divide into teams; sub-divide teams into for/against; find academic sources (2each); work on Annotated Bibliography

Day 2: Combine annotated bibliography, share with team; begin writing brief using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

Day 3: Continue to work on brief; organize debate by assigning roles


All speakers should:

–           Be thoroughly familiar with the major lines of support for their side of the proposition;

–           Be familiar with counterarguments that can be made against the other team’s case;

–           Closely read all source material critical to their team’s case; and

–           Engage thoughtfully in all parts of the debate

Keep in mind different roles may have shorter speaking times, but require more difficult skills. For example, the final rebuttal requires exceptional time management and summary skills.

Debate Structure:


Part1    Side a: 4 minutes        Side b: 4 minutes

(2 minutes preparation)

Part 2   Side a: 3 minutes        Side b: 3 minutes

(2 minutes preparation)

Part 3   Side a: 1 minutes        Side b: 1 minute