drug action and toxicology

”Define pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics and discuss their history and their significance in medicinal drug design and disease treatment”.


1. at least 1500 words excluding the references (size 12 and space 1.5) times new roman format

2. use proper references and citation using the Harvard method (use scientific articles for writing it and referencing and not NIH sources of information.

3. no plagiarism at all or get a zero

4. references listed at the end of your write up should be presented in alphabetical order according to the surname of each fist author;chronological order for the same first authors or according to second author if the first author and year are the same.

5. use the Harvard referencing system for citing and listing your references. within-text citations should be listed as follows: . single-author articles: (smith,2008).

two author articles: (smith and baker, 2008)

three or more author article: (smith et al;2008)

deadline: 11th of may.

email: victoryferd@gmail.com

please i need a 100%(A) work done!


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