The paper is a research/ persuasive essay. While editing please focus your attention on ensuring there are no faulty parallelisms, dangling or misplaced modifiers, comma splices in my essay. Also, please ensure the subjects agree with their verbs in numbers, and that I use commas consistently to offset non-restrictive word groups but not to separate the subject from its verb (These are the past constructive criticisms from my professor). My Works Cited is not in the paper I sent because I do not need assistance for that. Everything I need you to proofread is in the document I sent 🙂 I’d really appreciate it if you look through every sentence carefully to catch any sentence boundary errors I might have made. My professor only gives A’s for papers that have near perfect grammar. I highlighted some areas I think might have grammatical errors but I’m not sure check the entire paper. I need proofreading for all the areas that don’t have highlighting too.

If you are not confident with English, Grammar and Sentence structure please do not bid.

Kindly make sure you read every sentence and paragraph carefully.

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