Education and Training in Culturally Competent Care Discussion

(Discussion board) In side citations are necessary and all in APA format

1a) Choosing at least three standards from the Trans cultural Nursing Standards list on the website, critically evaluate the strengths and limitations of the information presented. Support your position with at least one scholarly journal reference.

1b) Conduct a self-assessment with the exercise in Box 2-2 in Chapter 2 of Andrews & Boyle. Analyze what you learned about yourself from the exercise and what resources you would use to learn more about four of the groups mentioned. Give examples of resources. ( Attached is the text book used for the class)

Rubric for the discussion below

Exceeds Minimum Requirements

Meets Minimum Requirements

Does Not Meet Minimum Requirements

Quality of Posting/Integration of Concepts

Postings apply concepts to professional practice, personal experience or examples from health care delivery system

Posting reflects full understanding of concepts but does not apply them

Posting does not fully reflect understanding of concepts

Integration of Professsional Resources

Postings integrate assigned readings, lectures, expert opinion or outside professional resources or websites (sources are cited)

Postings integrate only assigned readings or lessons

Postings demonstrate little or no integration of readings, lessons or professional sources

Clear and Logical Expression

Presents information using clear and logical language. Grammar, spelling and punctuation are accurate

Presents information using clear and logical language. Grammar, spelling and punctuation have minimal errors

Information is unclear and difficult to follow. Grammar, spelling and punctuation have multiple errors

Name:Copy of Discussion Criteria Grading Rubric

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