Effectiveness of International Organizations

Effectiveness of International Organizations

International organizations respond to global social injustice by providing a variety of services that save lives and build futures. Some organizations provide relief aid such as food, shelter, and medical services. Others provide developmental aid such as the technology and training needed to create self-sustaining communities. These organizations are funded by governments, corporations, and other private donors. With a large number of organizations working internationally, confusion, disorganization, and even fraud may occur. Poor coordination among the various organizations and lack of knowledge about local cultural practices are factors that may reduce the effectiveness of an organization in providing assistance to those in need.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the book excerpt, “Chapter 2: Before and Beyond the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” Study the principles of the various human rights initiatives and consider how they relate to international organizations.
Review the article, ”Human Rights Bodies.” Think about the human rights bodies that monitor global human rights and social justice issues.

Review the article, “Haiti: The Aid Dilemma (Q & A with Adam Davidson).” Think about the relief effort provided by international organizations following the Haiti earthquake. Consider the challenges, successes, and long-term issues of providing aid.

Review the article, “NGO Research Guide.” Take note of the various NGOs that have contributed to social justice.
Select one international organization that took action for social justice. Use the Walden Library and the Internet to conduct additional research on the organization you selected to determine their projects, activities, and relief efforts.
Select one situation where the international organization took action for social justice.
Consider the effectiveness of their efforts for that specific situation.

With these thoughts in mind: Due by Wednesday 2/14/18

Post a 500-word a brief description of the international organization you selected. Then explain the social justice issues that the organization addresses and types of assistance they offer. Finally, describe one situation where the organization took action for social justice and describe the effectiveness of its actions.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.