Environmental Crisis Current Rate of The Rain Forests Deconstruction Paper

Question: At present rate the rainforests will be gone in ?? Years. What will that do to the people off earth?


1. Each student will draw a topic to create an essay and an oral presentation. (The topics will be taken from the master list which is in this folder)

2. The assignment consists of two parts. Part 1 is an essay created from a formal outline. Part 2 is an oral presentation that consists of PowerPoint slides and a video.

3. The oral presentation MUST be made to the class on the day you are called upon to give it. One of your classmates will record you giving your presentation.

4. Each assignment requires support that you can get from the internet or from other published places. What this means is that EVERY paper must include published statistics that support the position taken. This can be a published worksheet, and/or charts, and or graphs.

5. Your written essay must contain at least 5 pages of copy. Charts, worksheets, and/or graphs do not count towards the five-page requirement.

6. A formal outline is also required to be posted in addition to your essay. It is best to create the outline first and use it to help you in creating your essay.

7. Your paper is to be double spaced and be written using New Times Roman or Arial type with standard margins. (Only Word or PDF formats will be accepted)

8. The written essay is due to be submitted to Canvas by the date shown in the syllabus

and your video and slides by a later date (also shown in the syllabus)

9. There are sample documents in Canvas to help you.

10. Late submissions will NOT be accepted for credit.

11. Check your syllabus for percentage of your grade that these, important, assignments represent.

12. The oral presentations will be made on the days shown in the syllabus. Credit will be given to students who present to the whole class when called upon and attend all of the class presentations.A SIDE NOTE – YOU MUST USE THE TOPIC YOU ARE ASSIGNED NO EXCEPTIONS

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