Essay #1 (Nonverbal and Listening)

COMM 101: Barnett

Essay #1 (Nonverbal and Listening)

Worth:             60-points

Length:            2-pages

Assignment Description

Your first writing assignment is a reflective piece in which you perform a diagnostic analysis of two relationships that you manage on a regular basis. This assignment also asks that you consider ways you can improve the quality of these relationships through honing your nonverbal communication and listening skills.


Your essay will have four paragraphs. NOTE: It is important that you explain your answers and provide examples when appropriate to the question.

For your Introduction Paragraph, include the following:

  • Clearly introduce the assignment
  • Thesis Statement
  • Preview of Main Points


  • Identify a person with whom you feel uncomfortable.
  • How do you react when this person speaks to you?
  • Evaluate your listening skills relative to this person – Do you interrupt this person or let your mind drift when interacting with this person? What does your nonverbal communication show?
  • What factors, discussed in Chapters three and/or five, affect your ability to listen effectively to this person?


  • Identify a person whom you admire and respect.
  • How do you react (nonverbally) when this person speaks with you?
  • Describe your listening behaviors when you interact with this person.
  • Cite specific concepts from Chapter three and/or five that explain your behaviors.

For your Conclusion Paragraph, include responses to the following:

  • What are the major differences in how you listen to the person you are uncomfortable with and the person you admire?
  • What accounts for this difference?
  • What concepts from Chapters three and/or five will help you be a better listener in both cases?


Your essay should include correct spelling and punctuation. Also, all of your sentences must be grammatically correct. Avoid wordiness and passive voice.


Font Style:       Times New Roman

Font Size:        12-point

Spacing:          Double

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Remove:          Space After Paragraph

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Paper Title:      On Page #1


  • Do not number the Cover Page
  • Do not begin page numbering with Cover Page
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