Ethical and Moral Solutions for Managing Human Population Growth Paper

This is a link to the movie Home:

1) What is the message of the film, Home and what strategies are they using to get their message across? (4 pts.)

2) After watching this film, what do you believe are the 3 most pressing environmental or social concerns of our time? (6 pts.)

3) Provide an example of a business or organizational or individual decision that could be viewed through the lens of sustainable development. What is the decision about? How can a solution be sought that fulfills the triple bottom line? (10 pts.)

4) Describe the demographic patterns and projections of one country whose population is increasing and one country whose population is declining. (10 pts.)


1. Everything about how we exist on this planet can be viewed and experienced through the view of sustainability: what we eat, where we live, what we drive, how we shop, how we interact with other humans and other species, and more. In your opinion, which elements of your lifestyle are most “sustainable” (sensitive to environmental, social and economic impacts), and which elements do you think leave the most room for improvement? Explain your reasoning. Keep in mind, this is sort of introducing you to your classmates, so choose carefully and be honest!

2. In your view, what are the most ethical and moral solutions for managing human population growth?

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