ethics and business.

The topic for this paper is ethics and business.

This essay is intended to allow you to explore your attitudes and understanding of business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Because of this, there are no “right” or “wrong” answers: essays will be evaluated on the depth of understanding and thought demonstrated and on the logic and rationality of the written analysis.


  • Word count: Minimum 2,000 words – excluding cover page.
  • Papers must be word processed and must be formatted using a readable 12-point font (Comic Sans and similar fonts are not acceptable); 1.5 line spacing; 0 points before and 6 points after each paragraph, and maximum 1” margins all around.


  • use university-level English, i.e., grammar, spelling, sentence structure, punctuation.
  • display university-level analytical skills: understanding, application and evaluation of subject matter and concepts.
  • be well organised and adhere to the formatting and style specified in this course outline, and have 1) a clear and concise sentence structure; 2) a logical and an easy to follow introduction, structure, and conclusion.
  • use correct APA Referencing format. References will be assessed based on their appropriateness, number, and cross-referencing of in-text citations to the bibliography.