Explain the impact of revenue sources and expenditures on budget building.

Public Budgeting and Financial Management Entire Course

ADM 626 Module 1 DQ 1

Explain how budget formats channel thought. Explain how formats can direct thought to and highlight general policy matters, budget balancing issues, and improvement of the quality of government management.

ADM 626 Week 1 Assignment Culminating Project Part I


The instructor will assign CLC groups.

Each CLC group will apply their understanding of the course learning objectives by writing a proposal to present to the Hadleyville Town Council in response to the town’s financial crisis as indicated below.

The town of Hadleyville, Arizona is reeling from a recent shutdown of the Wilson Performance Automobiles Plant that employed more than 2,500 of the town’s population of 40,000. In addition, the recent economic strife has lead to decreases in retail sales tax, more job losses, and public utilities that are insolvent and unable to keep up with demand despite fee hikes in 2 of the past 3 years. The town budget has been slashed twice now with overall reductions approaching 12% in the previous fiscal year. With revenues continuing to decrease and no end to the economic woes in sight, the town budgeting process begins this fall.

You will be provided with three briefings from the Town Manager via memo. The briefings will provide you with additional information needed to complete your proposal.

Review Memo One

Throughout this course, your group will be producing several assignments that will lead to the development of your final proposal.

For each assignment and the final proposal, your group is expected to apply course concepts to develop your response to the town’s financial crisis.

Your first assignment will be to individually summarize the information provided to you from the Hadleyville Town Manager in Memo One. Anticipate challenges and opportunities you foresee with this project. Discuss this information in your CLC.

Review the other assignment requirements and begin to discuss in your group some possible ideas for completing the project.

Instructors will be using a rubric to grade this assignment; therefore, students should review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of the assignment.

Post your individual summary to your CLC discussion forum and also submit your summary to the instructor.

ADM 626 Module 2 DQ 1

Explain the impact of revenue sources and expenditures on budget building.