“ Factors Associated with Marternal Mortality in Accra”

I attached Iist of 7 documents to help you do the desirtation. For chapter 2, I need about 20 pages, chapter 1 about 12 pages and chapter 3 about 20 pages. I will let you know how many pages I will need for the chapter 4 and 5 later. The first paper attached is my prospectus. A prospectus a brief paper approved by the program director to allow me to work on a proposal. The title of my proposal topic I am working on is called “ Factors Associated with Marternal Mortality in Accra” That is the first attchments. The second attachment is the checklist you will have to follow to write the dessirtaton. The third attachment is the literature review important information to help you. The fourth and fith attachment is a similar paper some of the student did to graduate. Use that as a guid or example to comple mine since thiers is similar to my topic. The sixth and the seventh attachments is to help you with chapter 3 and 4. So when you open the first attachment which is my prospectus there are articles I listed in the paper that i will use for the chapter 2 literature review. Use them and also use the articles I have in the reference pages. Also in the similar paper attached, you will see that both students used a lot of articles. please use any of thier articles that will be relevant to my paper.I sent you those similar papers to use as a example to write mine. Those student used relevant article in theirs paper and you can use their articles used also to write mine. Follow how they wrote their paper. I need an outline and Chater 2 first wich is the 20 page. For the prospectus attached is the chapter 1. You can see that ifyou follow the checklist, you will see that I needed to add few missing things to complete the chapter 1. That is why I said write about 12 pages to add it to what I have already for the chapter 1 titled “Factors Associated With Marternal Mortality in Accra”. So copy and past the prospectus I have written and just add again the 12 pages to it. Again By following the similar paper attached will help you write the paper. Again don’t forget I have attached a checklist to help you write all the chapters. This paper is APA formart, No plegrirism and check grammer thouroughly.