What factors determine the prognosis after an ischemic stroke?

When you have discovered a topic in the natural sciences related to your chosen disability, ask a clear and specific question about it to guide your research. Use that question to do preliminary research. When you have found at least three articles, read the abstracts, skim the articles, and figure out what answers your sources are providing to your question. Formulate your tentative thesis statement as the answer to your research question.

For example, I might have chosen the neurological impairment known as stroke for my semester topic. I have discovered that some strokes (ischemic) are caused by a blocked blood vessel, and some (hemorrhagic) are caused by a burst blood vessel, and they both cause a lack of oxygen to the brain. I might ask as a research question What factors determine the prognosis after an ischemic stroke? After doing preliminary research, I will come up with an answer to this question, my tentative thesis: Post-stroke depression, nature of frontal-lobe lesions, and complete blood count are some factors related to the long-term prognosis of patients with ischemic strokes.

TOPIC– Establishing the Level of Public Participation for Environmental Impact Assessment