factors that support successful aging

Discussion: Psychological Aspects of Aging

Theories of successful aging explain factors that support individuals as they grow old, contributing to their ability to function. Increasing your understanding of factors that support successful aging improves your ability to address the needs of elderly clients and their families.

To prepare for this Discussion, review this week’s media. In addition, select a theory of successful aging to apply to Helen’s case.

By Day 3

Post a Discussion in which you:

Explain key life events that have influenced Helen’s relationships. Be sure to substantiate what makes them key in your perspective.

Explain how you, as Helen’s social worker, might apply a theory of successful aging to her case. Be sure to provide support for your strategy.

By Day 5

Read a selection of your colleagues’ posts.

Respond to at least two colleagues who applied a theory of successful aging to Helen’s case that differs from the one you applied. State whether you agree that your colleague’s strategy for applying the theory to Helen’s case is likely to be helpful. Provide support for your response and suggest one additional way your colleague might support Helen’s psychological well-being.

Learning Resources

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