Please use ALL the given resources only. Do not use any outside references. I have attached the text book reference, however if you can’t access it, please put in reference without a citation in the text, I will apply later. I have attached the first and second worksheets that serve as rough drafts for final essay. Follow all prompts and rubric for final paper. I have also attached all feedback from the teacher to each worksheet and the feedback should be addressed.

When addressing the personal questions, I am a 40 year old stay at home mom of college and high school age children, who has returned to get my degree, answer with this in mind. Please do not assume anything, if there are any questions, please ask so I can clarify. This paper is worth a lot of points. Thank you.

When appropriate USE STANDARD FORM, my teacher is a stickler for it when laying out an argument.

Boss, J. A. (2017). THiNK: Critical thinking and logic skills for everyday life. This is text we use for Critical thinking aspects and reference but for specific issue use the attached Primary sources. Use the Primary Article for essay and other articles as supportive resources.

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