. Find a current event – newspaper or magazine article – to attach to the paper regarding the topic. Then, find an article from an academic refereed journal that helps to explain some aspect of the phenomenon being explored. Be sure to include the reference on the reference page.Then write a brief synopsis of each of these three sources of data, analyze them singly and together, and synthesize the findings. Conclude by sharing what you have learned and how you would apply this knowledge to improve your effectiveness working in an organization.

  • Paper is thought provoking.
  • Key themes and ideas connect and are integrated throughout the paper.
  • Paper is well organized and flows.
  • Paper includes references that add substantively to the paper.
  • Each article is summarized, highlighting main points and subtle inferences.
  • Description from text demonstrates
  • Paper compares and contrasts information from the three sources, analyzing when and how it might be most/least helpful.
  • Paper explores how, in addition to modeling, broader application of this concept might be encouraged among peers and co-workers.

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