Which of the following is not an example of a structural reform to addresswhite-collar crime?

GED 260 Unit 4 Examination Answers

1) Early definitions of white-collar crime focused on the

A) the work environment.
B) nature of the crime.
C) the violator involved.
D) All of the above

2) According to Braithwaite, the central explanatory variable in all criminalactivity is

A) self-control.
B) learning.
C) inequality.
D) social class.

3) Which of the following is not an example of a structural reform to addresswhite-collar crime?

A) Changing the process by which corporations are chartered to include controlover white collar crime
B) Increasing the funding for enforcement agencies that deal with white-collarcrime.
C) Adding members of the public to corporate boards of directors
D) Enhancing the flow of information among businesses, the public, and administrative bodies

4) Prohibition was repealed by passage of the __________ Amendment to theU.S. Constitution.

A) Twenty-first
B) Eighteenth
C) Twenty-fourth
D) Tenth

5) The St. Valentine’s Day massacre established Al Capone as the undisputedruler of organized crime in

A) Boston.
B) New York.
C) the United States.
D) Chicago.

6) In 1951, the Senate-sponsored __________ Committee reported the existence of a nationwide crime syndicate operating in many large American cities.

A) Wickersham
B) Kerner
C) Hobbs
D) Kefauver

7) Of the 24 crime families of Sicilian-American heritage that operate in theU.S. today, __________ operate out of New York.

A) five
B) seven
C) ten
D) three

8) The strict unwritten code of conduct of organized crime, which demands silence and loyalty, is known as the

B) Cosa Nostra.
C) tong.
D) omerta.

9) The single most important piece of federal legislation that specifically targetsorganized crime activities is

A) the Hobbs Act
B) Omerta.
C) the United States Code.

10) __________ is a relatively mild, nonaddictive drug with limited hallucinogenic


A) Librium
B) Marijuana
C) Opium

11) __________ are sometimes known as “gateway drugs” because they ofteninitiate young people into illicit drug use.

A) Hallucinogens
B) Inhalants
C) Marijuana and other forms of cannabis
D) Designer drugs

12) The __________ placed the distribution of a number of essential chemicalsused in the production of illicit drugs under federal control.

A) Anti-Drug Abuse Act
B) Chemical Diversion and Trafficking Act
C) Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act
D) Harrison Act

13) The majority of the cocaine entering the United States is smuggled in using

A) private airplanes.
B) commercial airplanes.
C) maritime vessels.
D) overland transportation.

14) Which of the following countries is not located in the Golden Triangle area?

A) Thailand
B) Burma
C) Laos
D) Turkey

15) The sale of heroin to anyone under age 18 was made a capital offense by the__________ Act.

A) Harrison
B) Boggs
C) Controlled Substances
D) Narcotic Control

16) __________ involves purchasing one licensed copy of a piece of software and loading it onto multiple computers.

A) Internet piracy
B) Renting
C) Softlifting
D) Hard disk loading

17) __________ involves using official-looking e-mail messages to steal valuable information.

A) Cloning
B) Phishing
C) Softlifting
D) Phreaking

18) The __________ Act is part of the 2002 Homeland Security Act.

A) No Electronic Theft
B) Communications Decency
C) Cyber Security Enhancement
D) Computer Fraud and Abuse

19) __________ attempt to duplicate the decision-making processes used by skilled investigators in evidence analysis.

A) Expert systems
B) Audit trails
D) DNA systems

20) The Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection Directorate operates within the

A) Department of Homeland Security.
B) Federal Bureau of Investigation.
C) National Infrastructure Protection Center.
D) Department of Justice.

21) Which of the following is an element of human smuggling?

A) The person being smuggled does not have to cross an international border.
B) The person being smuggled is generally cooperating.
C) The person being smuggled is coerced.
D) The person being smuggled is exploited or forced to perform some type oflabor.

22) GovNet is

A) the United States’ primary infrastructure.
B) a new form of cyberterrorism.
C) a private government network with no connectivity with commercial or public networks.
D) none of the above.

23) According to the CIA, the end goal of al-Qaeda is

A) to commit bioterrorism.
B) to use LME on American aircraft.
C) to use WMDs.
D) to commit domestic terrorism.

24) Which of the following is not one of the five directorates of the Department ofHomeland Security?

A) Office of Private Sector Liaison
B) Science and Technology
C) Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection
D) Border and Transportation Security

25) The most active state sponsor of terrorism in the world is

A) Iran.
B) North Korea.
C) Cuba.
D) Iraq.