Geospatial Revolution Video Essay

First, please watch the 4-episode series titled “Geospatial Revolution.” Each episode is approximately 15 minutes long and it should automatically go to the next episode each time you finish an episode. If it does not, you can click on the second link and so on. Please pay particular attention to all the examples that are cited in showing how geospatial technology is used to help people. After watching the videos, please type a 1 page (500 words or more), single-spaced writeup about the videos. Your writeup must follow the following format. A brief summary, then list and explain five examples that are talked about in the videos, and finally a conclusion. The summary, each of the five examples, and the conclusion should be separate paragraphs which is a total of 7 paragraphs.

Episode 1 –

Episode 2 –

Episode 3 –

Episode 4 –

Note: You are writting just ONE writeup for all the videos combined and not 4 separate writeups.

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