Geotechnical Investigation in Building Codes Project

Assignment Requirements

The paper must be a minimum of (5)(NOT including cover sheet, table of contents, index, list of references, etc.), double spaced, one (1”) inch borders all-around, in 12 point, “Ariel” font. Cite all references using APA (American Psychological Association) style. See the internet for APA style guides or template.


The topic of the assignment HAS TO BE DIRECTLY RELATED TO FBC 2017 which i already choose (Geotechnical investigation, Section 1803 on the book) in relation to Code requirements for Quality Control; Code Violations; Code compliance.

Please find in the attachment the slides realted to this topic, also this link… take you to the book directly. The information shall be from any website but it has to be sited and related to Florida building codes 2017.

I will also upload an example of the term paper but with different topic to give you an idea about it.

Thank you!!

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