GPSS Simulation Modelling

GPSS Simulation Modelling
: GPSS Simulation Model (20 marks) You can download the free Windows version of GPSS (i.e. GPSS World student version) from The sales counter next to the soft toy display in Shambles receives a customer every 2-4 minutes. Most of these customers (80%) are buying toys and are dealt with by the cashier in 3-5 minutes. The remaining 20% of customers come to open accounts that require an account manager. These customers wait for the account manager, who spends 10-20 minutes in serving them. a) You are required to simulate a 10-hour day in this department using GPSS. To begin with, construct a flowchart describing the above events using suitable GPSS blocks. [4 marks] b) Now carry out the simulation in GPSS, giving your programme (code) and simulation report. [8 marks] c) Describe the results of your simulation using the simulation report, giving as much detail as possible. [8 marks]

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