HA4110D GlaxoSmithKline: Strategic Fit and quantitative strategic plan

Learning Plan 10.1 Assignment: Strategic Fit Outline


LP10.1 Assignment: Strategic Fit Outline

Competency: 10. Develop strategic fit and quantitative strategic planning matrix.<


  • REVIEW PowerPoints chapters 25 and 26.
  • Using the completed exercises throughout the course, “”create an outline to follow for your final project paper.”” There should be seven areas to address:
    1. Organizational Information
    2. Corporate Mission
    3. Research and competitive analysis
    4. Broad analysis
      • 5-forces
      • PEST
      • Benchmark
      • SWOT-Generic
      • EFE
    5. Financial statement
      • McKinsey 7 or BCG
    6. Generic Strategies
      • Ansoff
      • TOWs
    7. Strategic Fit Results

Provide a least two paragraphs for each numerical heading and subheading. Provide a reference page as your final page and a minimum of 7 references written accorsing to APA standards. All references must be complete and no URLs provided alone or the reference will be unacceptable.

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