Health Care Ethical

During a discussion over lunch, a nurse assistant states to his employer (a physician) that he believes that the aim of universal health care should be to “cover” all individuals living in a society. The assistant says it is “our obligation” as a society to take care of one another. The physician argues against this idea because this form of health care coverage will not lend itself to financial stability to the medical profession and most likely will result in a decline in income for her as a medical provider (and by extension, staff salaries will decrease).

Your Assignment:

Discuss which ethical theory has guided the assistant’s position to defend universal health care?

Which ethical theory has guided the physician’s position not to support universal health care?

State your personal position and discuss which ethical theory makes most sense to you in making your case.

Your original post of at least 200 words. Be sure to include at least one reference which is cited in APA format (both in-text and references section entry).

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