Health care Policy and Law

1. Assume that you are the owner of a business with 1000 employees in a major metropolitan area in the United States.

  • What factors would you use to offer a health insurance to your employees?
  • Would it be better to offer a Preferred Provider Organization or Health Maintenance Organization type of insurance?

2. Discuss the impact of the Affordable Care Act on the decision as to whether you would offer health insurance to your employees.

  • Would it be better to pay the fine for not offering insurance?
  • Would it be better to refer your employees to the individual insurance market, or refer them to government provided insurance such as Medicaid?

3. Explain how Medicaid and Medicare are funded? Who is eligible for Medicaid and Medicare? Should Medicaid be funded as a Block Grant Program, or should it be an Entitlement? Discuss one option to achieve savings in the Medicare program[The Medicare Trust Fund may run out of funds in the next 10 years

4. Specify whether your state follows the private insurance model or the Medicaid model for its CHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program). Analyze the impact that the choice of model has on the fiscal health of your state. Provide two (2) examples of this impact of model choice to support your analysis.

Examine at least two (2) changes to CHIP(State Children’s Health Insurance Program) that have occurred as a result of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Hypothesize the potential effect that the changes in question could have on access to health care for children covered by CHIP. Support your rationale with one (1) specific example of such an effect for each change that you have identified.

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