Healthcare Providers for Rural Veterans Literature Review

Module 3 Literature Review

Access to Health Care

Find, summarize and discuss in a post of 175-200 words a recent (3-5 years) professional journal article (NOT a website) that presents evidence demonstrating that a specific vulnerable population (disadvantaged population) has poorer access to health care, receives poorer quality of care or experiences greater deficits in health status or health outcomes than less vulnerable populations (more advantaged population). [choose a vulnerable group other than a racial/ethnic population – i.e., there have been many listed thus far in the course ].

Tips for your post/some thoughts on what to include: Be sure to identify the population; what makes this a vulnerable population; how/why do they lack access; are there other contributing factors/risk factors; how does their lack of access impact health status/quality/morbidity/mortality?

Cite your sources and provide references!

Suggestion: Find your article early and post the title and authors in the forum; you can go back later and Edit it to add the rest of your post. Do NOT duplicate articles – you will not receive credit if you post the same article that has already been posted by someone else. Attach the article to the post (if you cannot attach it, choose another one!) so that we all may read it (this is a requirement for credit).

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