Herpes Simplex General Description of Lesion & Diagnostic Information Paper

1.- Introduction that includes a general description of lesion/condition and frequency of occurrence (and whether any one sector of the population is more likely to have this lesion)

2.- The body of the report should include the following diagnostic information:

-Common location.

-Histological appearance

-Radiographic appearance

-Special diagnostic test.

-Clinical Presentation

-Differential diagnose


3.- Review latest research, drug therapies or treatment.

4.- End the report of the role of the dental hygienist.

-Dental treatment modifications and additional associated dental or medical complications.

The written report should be 3 pages (paragraph form, double spaced, 12pt. font, times new roman, 1″ margins, A cover sheet must be attached which lists the title, students name, course tittle and the date. At least 3 references are required, with at least 1 reference originating from a peer-reviewed journal (the reference is not included in your page count).

Use APA format

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