Heterogeneous Catalytic Systems in Chemical Process Industries Report

Heterogeneous catalysts are extensively exploited in many process industries, mainly the chemical, petrochemical, agrochemical, and pharmaceutical sectors. However, for their successful use, heterogeneous catalysts have to withstand the conditions within the chemical reactor without attrition or degradation. Based this scenario submit a report on Heterogeneous Catalytic Systems in Chemical process industries with suitable recommendations.

  • The report should have the following contents:
  • Abstract
  • Introduction & History
  • Role of heterogeneous catalyst
  • Heterogeneous systems in chemical process industries
  • Catalytic Applications of Heterogeneous Systems
  • Thermodynamics of Heterogeneous Systems with Chemical Interaction
  • Recent developments of heterogeneous systems
  • Conclusion and future recommendations


The answer will be

  • paraphrase
  • 2500 words
  • Harvard Referencing
  • Provide some figures/pictures with reference

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