HLTH/MMHA6530 Walden University Health Brief Model and Diabetes Paper

You will complete your Final Project in a series of milestones. It is vital that all milestones be completed and submitted in a timely manner. This will allow you to gain feedback from faculty and make changes as needed. Although this project is set up with several milestones, it is highly encouraged that you work ahead and plan accordingly.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Final Project Instructions provided in this week’s Resources.
  • Choose a health behavioral theory or model to address your chosen chronic disease or condition at a population health level.
  • Research sources on chronic diseases and conditions at a population level as well as related health behavioral theories and models.

By Day 7


For this week’s Assignment, you will work on Part I of your Final Project draft as well as the first submission of some proposed references. Your submission must include:

  • Submit a document with the following information (2- to 3-page Word document)
    • Title page
    • Overview of your chosen chronic disease or condition at a population level
    • Description of your chosen population
    • The health behavioral theory/model that you have chosen to serve as a framework for the selected chronic disease or condition at a population level. (You do not need to go into detail here on the theory/model; you will be describing this and illustrating it more visually in the Week 3 Milestone.)
  • In addition, for this milestone, submit the following:
    • Three sources you will reference in your Final Project, including:
    • At least two sources supporting the chronic disease or condition you selected
    • At least one source supporting the behavioral theory or model to address your selected chronic disease or condition
  • If approved, include these references, along with all other references in your Final Submission in Week 10.

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