Hospital Comparative Analysis

Assignment: In this assignment, you are the newly hired health planner for one of these two hospitals (you pick). Your CEO has asked you to compare and contrast the two hospitals. You have at your disposal the information and tools contained within the California Healthcare Atlas:…

In 250 words or less, write an executive brief that compares these two hospitals (Sharp Grossmont Hospital and Alvarado Hospital). How are they similar? How are they different? Are they competitors for similar patient populations? You will be graded on clarity of writing, succinctness, spelling and grammar. A minimum of 2 references should be used and cited.


Organization of paper and clarity 10 points
Hospital comparison:
Similarities 10 points
Differences 10 points
Discussion of competition (or non-competition) 10 points
Citations (per instructions) 10 points
Spelling and Grammar 20 points
Length of paper (per instructions) 10 points
Timely submission 20 points

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