In the 4-1-1 activity, you chose a topic that you will focus on for the remainder of the course and will be looking at through each of the lenses in this theme. Your topic options were Special Education and Learning Disabilities, World Trade Organization, or Space Exploration. In your initial post, identify which of the topics you chose, discuss with your peers why you chose that topic, and share two questions that you developed on your KWL Chart for your chosen topic in the 4-2-1 activity

In your responses to your peers, locate two peers who chose the same topic as you, and discuss the questions they shared in their initial post. Have the articles that you read in the Module 4 learning blocks answered any of their questions? If so, share an example from one of the articles that answers the question they posed. If not, discuss your mutual interest and potential next steps to continue investigating the topic and seeking out answers to their unanswered questions..

Be sure to credit any sources you use to support your answer, including articles posted in the course.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

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