How does the size and location of your company impact how and where you will recruit your new employees?

Discussion 1 & 2

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Interviewing (graded)

Interviewing methods are extremely varied so this thread should be quite exciting. Please bring into this thread your depth of information and experiences, and feel free to share the good, bad, and ugly interviewing situations you have experienced, both as interviewer and interviewee.

To start, here are a few questions. Pick one or two and provide your answer, along with any experience that you may have had. Feel free to find information online about interviewing skills, tactics, or questions to assist you this week. Cite your sources!

What types of interviewing styles are there, and which do you prefer using (or being used on you?)
Have you experienced a group interview? If so, explain how that went. If not, research it and explain how you might set one up as an HR manager.
Have you ever been part of any of these: stress interview, STAR interview, situational interview, or panel interview? If so, explain one of them and provide your experience, good or bad. If not, research and provide information about how you might prepare to be interviewed in this manner.
dq 2

Recruitment and Selection (graded)

Effective recruitment and selection help organizations gain competitive advantages. This discussion will help us review some best practices. To start, pick one of these questions, and provide a well-reasoned, supported response to it. Be sure to provide text, Web-based, life experience, or scholarly source(s) to support your ideas (and cite them, if needed). Assume that we have solid job descriptions for the positions we are filling and now we need to find the perfect people to fill those seats.

How does the size and location of your company impact how and where you will recruit your new employees?
Is it easier or harder to find good employees during times of high unemployment? Why do you say this? (Provide examples/statistics or research to back up your statement.)
How does the wording of your want ads (and placement of those ads) determine who applies for your job openings?
How does the current make-up of your organization dictate where you will look to fill your openings?