How is homosexuality viewed in Ghana Christianity?


Ghana Christianity on Homosexuality

The main topic that I chose for this research paper is on an extreme political and social issue that occurs all around the world, which is homosexuality.  When researching and understanding the morals and values of African Christianity I recognized there are similarities as well as differences within Africa and the Western World on the topic of homosexuality.  I was interested in doing African Christianity because I myself am a Christian and wanted to learn more about my religion but from a different cultural perspective to understand their different morals and values. I also was inspired in by the issue of homosexuality because I am apart of the LGBT community.  I understand the difficulties and hardships that my community goes through in the Western World, but I never actually took the time to venture out and think about how this affects others around the world.

Essentially, I want to focus mainly on the effects of the LGBTQ community within Africa and the mindset of African practitioners when it comes to people in this community.  To begin, I would start with explaining how African Christianity is practiced and their views on homosexuality. I would like to compare and contrast Christianity in the Western World and Africa when it comes to homosexuality. There are Christian groups in Ghana, for example, that are vocally anti-gay, and they are influenced by Christian organizations based in the US and other western countries.  The different questions I want to ask are :

  1. How is homosexuality viewed in Ghana Christianity?
  2. Are people in the LGBTQ community accepted or condemned?
  3. Does African Christianity try to convert gays? If so, what are their methods?