How to recognize and avoid ethical abuses in the workplace?.

How to recognize and avoid ethical abuses in the workplace?.


Unit 2 Assignment: Major: Nursing Major –
Research, Email, and Ethics
Your paper is due at 11:59 pm Central Time on the Sunday of Week 2.
Overview of the Assignment
In today?s world, the Internet has become a valuable tool for research and communication, enabling users to accomplish in minutes what used to take hours, or even
days. But while the Internet does allow for faster communication, it does have its pitfalls.
Just to name a few examples of Internet red flags: while web-based search engines do yield a lot of results, they may not always be the most reliable; while it?s easy and fast to send an email, it?s also easy to hit that ?send? button before you?ve really thought through what you wrote.
As with last week?s assignment, this assignment has several components that encourage you to think about this week?s topics. First, you will conduct a research exercise using two different search engines. Second, you will assess the emails you write and those you receive according to the standards of ?netiquette.? Third, you will think about how the Internet can tempt users to borrow material without crediting it?and think about the consequences of doing so. And fourth, you will look into the mechanics of registering a copyright.
Minimum Requirements
In order to get a C on this assignment (a 70 or above), you must:
? Answer the questions below in complete sentences that form coherent paragraphs
? Complete Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4?don?t leave anything out!
? Use APA guidelines to format the paper (e.g., include a title page and running heads; see pp. 484-497 in A Writer?s Reference for guidance), cite the readings, and put together the reference page
? Include a reference page if you cite or paraphrase any material from the Internet or from the textbook
If one of these elements is missing, you cannot get a 70 or above on this assignment.
Details of the Assignment
Part 1: Search Engine Comparison (20 points)
Choose a topic related to your major and conduct a short research exercise. First use Google to search for information on your topic. Once you?ve done that, use Google Scholar to find information on the same topic. Then, in a coherent paragraph or two,




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