How would cramming effect encoding?

As you prepare to help your friends, here are some specific topics to address.

  1. How would cramming effect encoding?
  2. How would cramming effect retrieval?
  3. What is one technique that each friend could use to help improve memory and prepare for the exam?
  4. It’s the night before the big exam.  You check on your friends and your younger friend is not doing well.  It turns out that things have turned out even worse.  Her boyfriend broke up with her, stole money from her bank account, and her grandmother passed away the week before.  You notice on her Facebook page that she posed, “Where can I find some rope?!?”
  5. In chapter 5, you learn about suicide and what to do.  Based on that, what steps can you take to help your friend?  Be sure to include any resources that you could call to get advice.