HRM 599 Week 3 Assignment: A Growing Small Business

HRM 599 Week 3 Assignment: A Growing Small Business

Week 3

Take a position as to whether using social media provides an organization with a new competitive advantage or whether traditional methods such as job postings on the company website are still better for recruiting quality job candidates. Justify your position.

Yes, I do think that social media provides organizations with new competitive advantages. Especially in the talent acquisition areas, as it because increase the chances of finding talented employees in any industry by offering access to the approximate 1.5 billion users who are Internet-literate, well-networked and often have established expert status. While also saving organizations money when posting job vacancies on social media, because it is far more affordable than traditional advertising. In addition, the targeting options offered by platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook enables organizations to reach jobseekers with specific experience and interests.

Determine if companies should ask for consent from potential and current employees when using social media as another form of background check. Suggest an advantage or disadvantage inclusive to traditional credit, criminal, or reference checks when using social media. Provide a rationale for your position.

Social media can be a valuable tool for background checks in the hiring process, but understanding federal and state laws prior to conducting such a check is essential. It’s important for companies to keep searches relevant and ethical for the best results. There are a huge majority of companies in the U.S utilizing social media for hiring purposes. Multiple surveys conducted state that approximately 92% of companies say that these profiles were utilized as part of their recruiting and hiring process. Social media profiles can seem like an easily accessible, low cost addition to the background check process for potential employees. Before human resources professionals decide to tap into this resource for researching candidates, the legal implications of social media use in background checks must be thoroughly understood. However, I do think that companies should ask potential and current employees for consent when using social media as another form of background checks.