Hydraulic Fracturing

Researching the multiple facets of an issue, addressing each, and providing your opinion on the issue after you have discussed the pros and cons of the issue.

4-6 references. MLA Format, as long as the citations are as stated.

Part 1: The introduction. Discuss the fracking process. Should include the Pros/Cons of the process as well as information on the geology and hydrology. This section should be approximately 700 words long.

Part 2: Should be about varying perspectives on the topic (i.e. political, social/ethical, biological (health) and environmental). Please make sure you address at least 3 different perspectives. This section should be approximately 700 words long.

Part 3: The final section is your analysis. After reviewing the introduction and the theories, what is your assessment (please give your opinion based on what you have learned)? Consider all possibilities in your analysis. This section should be 600 words long and is the most important section the paper.

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