HYDROLOGIC CYCLE Sustainable Environment 2 assignments

Read the PDF title National Geopraphic Magazine and then answer the questions below. Also on a separate paper, Read the classmate response and reply with your thoughts on the hydrologic cycle and of their statements. You only need to write about a paragraph to a page:

“We are slow to give up on the myth of earth’s generosity. Rather grandly we have over drawn our account.” Myers

Discuss how you see this statement impacting the hydrologic cycle. What are some human impacts on the earth’s water cycle in terms of quantity and quality and what are some measures to implement to protect this precious resource?Think about where your water comes from for this post. What anthropogenic (human) activities are ongoing in the watershed where your water is sourced? Where has the water been before you use it? Where does it go when you are done with it? We are all downstream of other water users.

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