I do not think this is what you were trying to convey, this is just what came to mind, as I just watch the movie on Netflex, and did some research on he

I also feel that team building and training are highly important processes that need to be used in just about any job atmosphere.  As you said, team building helps to promote better cohesiveness and also brings into it a form of social interaction as well.  The team members will have to interact in order to go through each phase of the project, from blueprinting to material prep to collectively working together to do the job, and also to work together to handle risk analysis and troubleshooting.  Proper training is also very important in that without proper training, workers can be left behind on the skill curve and can cause a project to fall behind schedule due to their lack of knowledge on how to properly do thier job(s) otherwise.  Great post!


When it comes to team processes it revolves around the behaviors and activities that influences the effectiveness of teams. Team processes include cohesion, conflict, social facilitation, social loafing, and communication. Team processes that can have a positive influence on team performance are cohesion, communication, and social facilitation have a positive influence. Team cohesion refers to members’ attraction to the team. This requires teams to work together and be committed to the tasks of the team. Communication can allow Teams to put forth efforts of what they are trying to accomplish and work more effectively. Social facilitation allows individuals to perform effectively when others are present. Processes that may have a negative effect within a team are conflict and social loafing. Conflicts especially personal conflict can cause the team to work in a means that’s not effectively. Social loafing this process individuals put forth less effort when they work in teams than when working alone.

An example of positive influence would be communication. If a team meets every week to discuss changes and improvement and gives everyone a chance to provide input a team can work effectively.

A negative influence would be conflict. Team members disliking each other is something that could cause a team to work ineffectively. From personal experiences I have seen both processes work in a successful manner and unsuccessful manner.


I like your approach for how to help artists.  I did music for a while when I was in the miltary and played quite a few shows down in the Oklahoma City area from 2014 until 2016.  I got to meet a lot of aspiring musicians and I think their biggest issue for them was confidence and a lack of guidance which is huge when it comes to performing music or writing.  Having a guide or someone to give you the confidence to finish the work that you’re trying to get done. 

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While your approach is unique, in being a mentor to artists, would you ask for a commission of sold pieces?

All I thought about while reading, how you would be a mentor to artists, was the story of Margaret Keane. Keane also had a mentor, her second husband, who took credit for her work for years, while forcing her to create work in order to sell.

I do not think this is what you were trying to convey, this is just what came to mind, as I just watch the movie on Netflex, and did some research on her.