identify what factors determine social class in the United States.

This assignment provides you an opportunity to identify what factors determine social class in the United States.

Now that you have learned about social class and stratification of society, it is time to evaluate your own social standing and your family as well.
Using the link below from the New York Times interactive website, scroll over the four columns and choose the following
your occupation (career that you want to have)-Anything in Criminal Justice or Homeland Security field.
the education level you want to attain,
the income that you estimate making (you may need to research this column since you are not yet in the occupation), and
the amount of wealth you expect to have according to saving.
REMEMBER: the equation for wealth is: wealth = income -debt +assets. So, this means what you have as assets once your house and car are fully paid for and the money you have in the bank and assets. When you have chosen categories for each column, the interactive site will tell you where you fit percentage wise compared to the rest of society. For example, having a doctorate degree ranks you in the 99%. Meaning that 99% of other people in society do not have this degree. Notice how prestigious your occupation is considered by others in society.
After you have evaluated yourself, try a parent or close friend and input his or her information. Make notes on the results of all of these for your journal assignment.
In your journal entry, please include the following,an evaluation of your social class including predicted occupation, education, income, and wealth. I would like to see the results of the one other person you evaluated (a parent or a friend).
Where do you rank on the prestige scale for occupation? How do you and your parent rank on the social class scale? Discuss reasons why you think your choices place you in this position on the social class scale?
Finally, what will your concerns be as a middle or upper-class citizen?
You may use this website to look up growth potential and median salary range for your chosen occupation.