Identify the risk and threats for University Bank, including crime prediction.

In Unit 9, you continued your examination of the security response plan for the University Bank. Now, you are ready to draw up a security response plan (in brief) in order to adequately inform the executives at the University Bank. Throughout the course, you have studied a number of components that should be considered for a security response plan. Now, it is your turn to consider a security response plan and place it into a manageable format for your executives and the Board of Directors.

After being hired as the Director of Security for University Bank, the executives and the Board gave you nine weeks to adapt to your new surroundings and to evaluate the surroundings. Now, the executives of the University Bank and the Board of Directors want you to produce a paper that details the elements of the security response plan. Of course, they want your plan to be distinctly connected to the University Bank. As such, you will review the elements of the course that have been introduced to you and prepare a paper that details risks, risk management, and responses to these risks. Your viewpoint must be clearly established, original and unified, and one continuous piece of writing. Additionally, since this is an academic exercise, please include academic support for each of your mandates in terms of risk and response from either assigned readings or outside scholarly research. Be sure to cite using APA citation style.

You will construct a persuasive paper detailing your security response plan for the University Bank. In this paper:

Establish University Bank’s security issue(s).
Identify the risk and threats for University Bank, including crime prediction.
Analyze the facts.
Explain possible measurement of risk and loss.
Describe potential weaknesses in security (Security survey observations in a real-life application).
Evaluate various courses of action that could address the security concerns.
Examine methods of management auditing of security measures.
Recommend a security plan.
Detail the structure of the security plan for Univeristy Bank.
Prioritize the responses for risks, threats, emergencies, and crises within the Univeristy Bank.
Specify how the security plan will address the security concerns.
Your paper should be completed as a Word document in APA format and follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling). Please visit the Writing Center for more information on APA formatting and style. The paper will be 10 pages in length, double-spaced in 12 point font. The title page and references section will not count toward the page length minimum. Feel free to go beyond the page mandate if it will help with your detailed plan particulars. Upon completion, make sure to submit the paper to the appropriate Dropbox for the Unit 9 assignment




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