“Identifying Truth or Fiction”

“Identifying Truth or Fiction”

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The video clip ‘The Baloney Detection Kit’ in the Webtext this week discusses the many ways in which an effective critical thinker assesses the claims made by others. Explain what you believe is the real difference between ‘science’ and ‘pseudoscience’.
Examine the key reasons why so many people might seem to be attracted to more pseudoscience-type claims. Describe at least two (2) such claims that you have heard people make, and analyze the main reasons why such claims do or do not meet rigorous scientific methodology standards. Determine at least two (2) ways in which the material discussed this week has changed your own thinking.

Note: All students are required to post a minimum of two (2) posts per online discussion thread. Students must have one (1) original post and a minimum of one (1) other post per discussion thread.

please respone to this

To me the difference between science and pseudoscience is the fact, that science can be proved from research and studies, while pseudoscience comes from myths and the minds of people who believe in non-scientific standards.Here are some of the things I grew up believing in: That your house is suppose to be clean before the New Year comes in and I was also brought up to believe that for Christmas and the New Year we were to cook black eye peas.They don’t meet scientific standards because neither example can be proved by science. This hasn’t changed my beliefs because that is how I was raised even though I now no that these examples can’t be proved by science or scientifically I still believe in them.