ILS Johnson and Wales Disease and Culture in Europe PP Presentation

Each student will be assigned to complete the following assignment. Each student is to post to the Individual project discussion thread in Week 8 their whole Powerpoint Presentation for their colleagues to review.

Review is highly recommended as many of the final examination questions will come from these projects.

Each section should be at least 3 slides and every presentation should include introduction, summary of the topic and references.

Project Topic:



Yellow Fever


Within the context of the infection you will address Imperialism – Significant growth in Europe lead to mass migration/colonization in new regions. This in turn introduced humans to the diseases that have shaped our world.

Each student will analyze the 2 topics below:

agricultural changes and failures


This is all the professor has given me. So in total summary:

I will need a powerpoint made with introduction slide before each topic.

The topics are Cholera, Malaria, Yellow Fever, and Anthax.

Each topic is 3 slides (not including introduction) and should summarize it. It should also address imperialism, how it effected growth in Europe as well as new regions of the world. As well as how it effected the growth of human’s due to the diseases.

After the 12-15 slides, there should be couple slides to talk about how all the topics relates to the changes to agricultural, agricultural failure, and warfare.

Please create a citation page as well as use in text citations. In total this should be about about 20 slides Including cover slides. 15 slides of content.

Thank you.